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Smilla earring

Designer: Elk

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A stud earring style made from playful, coloured pieces handmade using lightweight timber and acrylic. Featuring an engraved line design in differing directions

50mm H x 20mm W x 5mm D 

Butterfly backing.

Content and Care

Handmade using sustainable plantation timber and smooth acrylic.

Acrylic can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth or cleaned in cold water if needed. The surface can scratch if exposed to abrasive surfaces and lighter colours can be affected by sunscreens, make up or other liquids - especially if tinted. For best care, we suggest wiping your piece down after wear.

Avoid water and other liquids, do not store in direct sunlight. If milky spots or marks appear due to contact with liquid they can be removed and the original appearance restored using a jewellery wax or another suitable natural polish.


Made in the Phillipines


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