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Flock Kate Cardigan Forget Me Knot

Designer: Flock

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Gorgeous hand knitted One -Off Mohair vintage wool Kate cardigan from 'flock' This cardi is a little sweetie.

Round neckline  open front style in a cropped at the waist length - perfect for wearing over dresses or with high waisted pants and skirts.

Balloon Sleeve with self knitted stripe detail through body and sleeves

Divine Forget me knot blues and violets colours

One size fits small-large


74% mohair, 14% pure wool, 12% nylon

Mohair is a luxury yarn and needs to be treated with extra care.

Resting the garment, folding neatly and storing flat, rather than on a hanger, will increase the life of your hand knitted garment. Try to keep your jumper away from rough items: purses, jewellery and jackets with a texture. These items can cause pilling, a snag or hole.


Wash by hand only when absolutely necessary – often a spell hanging in fresh air can freshen your jumper. Full care instructions supplied with purchase


Hand Made with love in New Zealand


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