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Elaine necklace

Designer: Pilgrim Jewellery

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Gold-plated or silver plated necklace with a long, gently twisting pendant. The beautiful pendant exudes elegance. The combination of polished finish and smooth curves of the twist creates an extravagant look. A beautiful necklace that testifies to a sense of aesthetic luxury.

Content and Care

Base metal is brass or zinc, gold or silver plated

All gold and silver will oxidize over time, and because Pilgrim jewellery is plated with real gold and silver, they will also oxidize over time. That is, they become darker either in the form of blemishes or a general darkening of the surface. Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth if the jewellery has been exposed to moisture (eg water, sweat) or chemicals (eg chlorine, perfume or hairspray) .

Avoid quick wear and tear by properly grooming your jewellery (untangling chains) and storing properly.


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