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At Dalston we pride ourselves on being a small business committed to producing quality ethical fashion that stands the test of time.  Our garments are designed in our local workroom here in Auckland, New Zealand by a small and dedicated team and are produced through family run and local businesses.  We love that we are helping to keep the local fashion manufacturing industry alive in New Zealand.  A small amount of our knitwear that cannot be manufactured in New Zealand is made by ethical factories in China.

Being a small business means we have lasting relationships with our various suppliers - from fabric merchants, to pattern makers, machinists, printers & distributors- we love our team!

We're proud to have teamed up with Mindful Fashion NZ to work toward the following-

  • Create relevant, useful and measurable benchmarks for ethical and sustainable production practices to ensure that New Zealand Designers can confidently say their product has been made ethically.
  • Act as a united industry body to be able to work with Government to ensure the industry is supported effectively.
  • Potential to push for development of a greater variety of sustainable fabrics.
  • Support the training of new and established local makers.
  • Potential for collective purchasing power with fabric suppliers.
  • Potential for global marketing of our industry collective leading the way to change for good.
  • Continue to support Made in New Zealand and the future of our industry.
Read Mindful Fashion NZ's open letter to New Zealand designers here.


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